Harness the power of smell

The sense of smell has the power to evoke memories, bring food flavours to life, calm us down, and enrich our lives. 

Our mission is to revolutionise the way smell is used. OW’s digital smell technology gives you full digital control over smell – from the direction to the intensity – so you can create a wide range of experiences.

You’re in control with our digital smell solutions.


SmellHealth: new grant tackles loss of smell & its impact

Anosmia (the loss of smell) can have a big impact on quality of life – affecting everything from personal safety to enjoyment of food and personal hygiene. OW is the recipient of a Proof-of-Concept award from the European Research Council. This award will fund the design and development of highly accurate, efficient, and affordable smell delivery technology for health purposes.

The multisensory experience Fly wins a Lumiere Award 2020

The multisensory VR “FLY” experience won the Lumiere Award 2020 for Best VR Edutainment. The Lumiere Award recognises outstanding international achievement in the creation of immersive storytelling using advanced visual technologies. The virtual award ceremony took place in in Stereopsia. The OW team was was responsible for creating the multisensory experience including smell.

OW with TreeVR at the World Government Summit in Dubai

OW CEO and co-founder Emanuela Maggioni was invited to join the World World Government Summit in Dubai in the United Arab Emirates in February 2019. Emanuela was demonstrating our digital smell delivery technology as part of the Tree VR multisensory experience created by New Reality Co. The experience transforms the user into a rainforest tree where the user’s arms are branches and the body the trunk. The user will experience the tree’s growth from a seedling into its fullest form and witness its fate firsthand.