The applications are endless

Smell can be used in limitless ways. Our experts are interested in unlocking the full experience of smell – from formulating unique scents, through to analysing the effects these smells have upon us. Our products enable you to use smell readily wherever and whenever you want to make your application more unique and valuable for your customers.

Our technology has been sold across the world to support cutting-edge research in smell health and wellbeing, and to facilitate studies on consumer behaviour and new application development. We can bring your ideas to the next level by integrating smell, or we can develop exciting new experiences from scratch.

Tree VR @ World Economic Forum

Enhancing virtual experiences through smell

Tree is an experiential piece of interactive storytelling from the VR studio New Reality Company. This award-winning virtual reality film transforms you into a majestic rainforest tree. With your arms as branches and body as a trunk, you experience a tree’s life from a seedling to its fullest form and witness its fate firsthand. Tree VR has been exhibited across the globe including at the World Economic Forum (WEF) 2019 and 2020 in Davos. OW designed and integrated an automated scent-delivery system.

Fly VR sponsored by BA

A journey through time and space with smell

Fly is an interactive, full-motion, multisensory experience by Picture This Production that traces humankind’s relationship to flying. To celebrate British Airways’ centenary, the airline sponsored this interactive multisensory VR experience. Fly enables visitors to become a time-travelling pilot, from the earliest imaginings of Leonard da Vinci to the brand new A350, and the imagined flight of future. OW designed and implemented the multisensory components.

The fully automated scent-delivery system took our Tree experience to another level. The quality and accuracy of the delivery is incredible!

Winslow Porter, Director, New Reality Co.

Digital Smell Training

Training your nose is just as important as physical exercise

Funded by a European Research Council Proof-of-Concept award, SmellHealth is a collaboration between OW and University College London (UCL) that will develop efficient and affordable smell-delivery technologies and smell training tools to help people with loss of smell.

Automated Smell Testing

Testing your sense of smell digitally

We have partnered with Rockefeller University (SMELL-RS) to create the first automated and standardised smell test toolkit to measure smell capabilities. We aim to integrate the smell training into smell tests, akin to eye tests/hearing tests, as part of future routine healthcare checks.

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