Smell can be used in limitless ways. Our team of researchers, engineers and multi-disciplinary scientists are interested in unlocking its full sensory potential – from formulating unique scents through to analysing the particular effects a smell has upon us. Our products bring an experiential depth to each of the contexts in which they are applied, offering a unique and valuable experience for your customers and clients.

Our work is focused in three main areas – health and wellbeing, immersive experiences and innovative research. OW technology has been sold across the world to support leading studies in smell health (such as smell-testing), and as part of research into consumer behaviour and cutting-edge technologies. Our devices have also supported a range of multisensory artistic works across a number of continents. With the integration of our smell technology, we can both complete your existing ideas and develop new experiences from scratch.

Tree VR

Exhibited both at the 2019 World Government Summit in Dubai and at multiple World Economic Forums (WEFs) in Davos (2019 & 2020), Tree is an experiential piece of interactive storytelling from the VR studio New Reality Co. As the user is transformed into a rainforest tree – the body becoming the trunk and each arm a run of reaching branches – our scent delivery system was instrumental in creating an immersive, sensory experience through which the user grows from seedling to mature tree.

Fly VR

We designed multisensory components for ‘Fly’, an interactive VR piece tracing the human relationship to flight. A sponsored work as part of the celebration of British Airways’ centenary year, the piece enables visitors to travel through time – traversing the flighted-imaginings of Leonardo da Vinci, the cutting-edge of contemporary air travel and the potential flight of the future.

Ranging from the Wright Brothers’ Kitty Hawk ocean breeze to the leathers, fireplaces and paint oils of da Vinci’s workshop, our scent delivery technology formed an essential part of the multisensory experience. Designed to interact with both visual stimuli and the movements of individual users, it interacts with each of the sensory components to bring together the many spatial and temporal aspects of flight into a single, harmonious whole.

‘The fully automated scent-delivery system took our Tree experience to another level. The quality and accuracy of the delivery is incredible!’

Winslow Porter, Director, New Reality Co.

Digital Smell Training

Funded by a European Research Council Funding Proof-of-Concept award, SmellHealth is a collaboration between OW and University College London (UCL), where co-founder Marianna Obrist is professor of multisensory interfaces. The project aims to develop efficient and affordable smell-delivery technologies and smell training tools, to help people with loss of smell.

Automated Smell Testing

We are working with Rockefeller University (SMELL-RS) to create the first automated and standardised smell test toolkit to measure olfactory capabilities. As with eye and hearing tests, we aim to integrate smell training into these tests as part of future routine healthcare checks.