A twin-system to control smell

Our digital smell technology is realised across both software and hardware – creating a twin-system that provides full control over the power of smell. From choosing the scents and their combinations to adjusting the directionality and the intensity, our system allows you to curate a truly immersive, user-friendly experience.

Digitally-controlled scent delivery system

Our OW Scent Delivery Device is a multi-channel, digitally controlled system suitable for use across a wide range of applications, including research, healthcare and immersive reality experiences. 

The device is modular, comprised of either six or twenty-four individual odour channels. Providing short-duration scent stimuli, each channel can be electronically activated – carrying a range of scents through an easily cleanable and replaceable cartridge. The unit can be interfaced to a computer, tablet or smartphone via USB or Bluetooth, controlled using our software.

An intelligent cloud-based control platform

Our cloud-based software brings together a graphical user interface (GUI) and programming framework to create a generative toolkit capable of revolutionising olfactory human-computer interaction.

The technology not only reduces the complexity of smell in interactive systems, but enables both the creation and replication of olfactory experiences independent of the available scent-delivery devices – opening up the opportunity for consumers, developers, designers and artists to experiment with the use of smell in interactive systems. To make use of the software’s fullest potential, it is best utilised alongside our scent-delivery device.